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"Mary gave us a new lens in which to view ourselves and  the impact we have on others. Through practical learning and lively discussions, we learned how to empower ourselves and those around us. Life changing. "

Director of Business Development, Casella Recycling


A dynamic and results oriented organizational development consultant and facilitator, Mary believes people and their ability to work with focus and authenticity are critical to the success of your organization.

Mary combines her extensive experience in non-profit management, large corporation consulting, and healthcare with the principles of mindfulness to deliver transformative leadership learning programs, staff retreats and keynote addresses on resiliency.

Mary Hatfield Doyle




Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what arises from moment to moment with complete focus and openness. In a culture of constant connectivity and distractions, work relationships suffer, productivity is compromised and the risk of employee burnout threatens the health and wellbeing of employees and the success of organizations.


Learning programs based on practical, research-based mindfulness principles will result in

  • leaders who demonstrate effective listening and coaching skills thus more productive employees

  • leaders who have greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence creating stronger relationships and an increase in employee retention

  • employees who are clear about their accountabilities and can stay focused on tasks

  • employees who are more effective at resolving conflict with co-workers or customers

  • employees who are more resilient and able to minimize the risk of burnout


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