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"By being mindful you can transform your life, your organization, and even your community. First step is to transform yourself.


Author, Mindful Leadership



Mary Hatfield Doyle, RN, MA
Registered Nurse &
Mindfulness Teacher

A dynamic presenter and facilitator, Mary helps people develop the capacity to work and live with focus and authenticity resulting in improved health and happiness.

Mary combines her extensive experience in developing educational programs, healthcare, and non-profit management with the principles of mindfulness to deliver transformative learning programs, staff retreats and keynote addresses.




In a culture of constant connectivity and distractions, relationships suffer, productivity is compromised and the risk of employee burnout threatens the health and wellbeing of employees and the success of organizations. Mindfulness is a way of paying attention to what arises from moment to moment without judgememt and less reactivity.



Mindfulness strategies are practical, research-based approaches to improve individual and team effectiveness, enhance creativity and innovation, improve relationships, reduce stress and improve resiliency. 

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